Friday, April 20, 2018

To Love Ru: Haruna Sairenji (Figure)

Ok... a special character for today... Haruna Seirenji. ^_^


(Various webfinds from Amazon and other sites. Huge thank yous to Figsoku, Digitamin and Serashikoki for recommending this first model via Twitter which was in turn the inspiration for this tribute.)

Haruna from To Love has appeared on this blog a few times in the past:
She's extremely memorable for a manga exclusive scene where a potion mishap temporarily adjusted her personality causing her dominate the male lead in her anime (Rito) with her feet.

I know that always tend to bring up Haruna's domination in every post I feature her. I should probably clarify that character is usually extremely sweet and kindhearted. ^_^ I like her regardless though getting to her demand that Rito like her feet was obviously a lot of fun.

There are 4 models of Haruna being featured in this tribute. The first is a recently released To Love Ru Darkness Yukata model of Haruna. It 1/8 scale sized and about 7 1/2 (190mm) inches in height and sculpted by Rei Azusa. I have to admit that I was blown away when I saw this model. Haruna looks absolutely gorgeous and the kimono she is wearing is really sexy. We're given an amazing glimpse of sole with this model and it seems like a lot of detail was put into it. Her feet look incredibly beautiful giving us an amazing sense of how great they must be to massage. ^_^ The figure itself is actually part of Yukata Harem set featuring multiple members of the To Love Ru cast. Hot!!

Ok... the next model is a really cute Noodle Stopper version of Haruna. I had to google what a Noodle stopper was.  Apparently it's a small figurine cover designed to cover a Cup of Noodles container while the noodles are softening. It's one of those inventions that seem specifically designed for a Japanese otaku audience. This is a small model (About 5 inches taking into account that Harana's leg is designed to dangle over the cup). It is released by the company FuRyu and comes in two models... a red swimsuit and white swimsuit. Like with the last model, it part of series of several To Love Ru stoppers that were released so different stoppers . I can see how a To Love Ru version of Haruna  would make the minute or two waiting for your soup to prepare really fun. ^_^

Model 3 is Hot one. It 1/6 scale Pre-Painted PVC Model of Haruna wearing a sexy wedding outfit. The figure is produced by the company Max Factory. The figure reminds me a lot of Emma Frost's original White Queen outfit. I guess because that one also has her wearing sexy lingerie. :-D

The last model is a Bandai 1/8 scale swimsuit model of Haruna. It seems like the model is sold with a blue swimsuit or a white swimsuit depending on your preference. It's another comparitively small figure at about only 5 inches tall but it still looks really sexy. ^_^ 

Alright everyone... I know there are a lot of attractive figurine images in this post to think about so I'm going to end this entry here as always more to come soon.

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  1. Haruna looks nice in this figure. I forgot about To-Love Ru and I had never bothered with the anime or light novel because there were so many installments.

    1. :-D Yeah it's an intimidating watch for me too because it has so many series and OVAs. I wouldn't even know where to start with it.

    2. Me neither, I couldn't figure out which is which in terms of canon to the main story.

    3.'s tricky. Hot set of women though and supposedly a lot of scenes. ^_^

    4. Yes, but I hate jumping into stuff without any knowledge of it.

    5. That's completely understandable. :-)

    6. Like I did with Final Fantasy since there are 15 different main games and I initially thought they were connected to each other but I was wrong and each one is standalone.

  2. Replies
    1. One of my favorites in the series in terms of appearance.

    2. I think that she's pretty cute. I heard that the character role in the series was reduced in the series though because she was based on the Manga creator's ex wife.

    3. Is there any character you know inspired you like personality?

    4. I like Naruto... He is very determined. ^_^

    5. I see. I can tell you who inspired me?