Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tickle Battle: Sailor Mars v Sailor Venus

Here's something fun. About 2 years ago,I started a short series of Tickle Battles on DA. For those who have never seen these,let me say that you may enjoy this. And for those who have,I aplreciate you reading this again. 

Anyway,here is one of those Tickle Battles.

Tickle Battle: Sailor Mars v Sailor Venus (sailor moon)

Inside a small open roof Arena,a crowd has gathered to see the foot tickle fight of the night. In the middle of the arena are 2 reclining chairs in reclining mode. The announcer comes out.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen,welcome to Tonight's main event: Battle of the Blondes - Inner Sailor Senshi Edition. This will be a 2 out of 3 fall match up,with no time limit. First,She's the Sailor Senshi of Flame and Passion....Sailor Mars!

Note: both girls are 25 here.

Sailor Mars enters the Arena bare footed to various cheers. She is wearing her super sailor fuku. Her toes are painted red. takes her seat in one of the recliners.

Announcer: And her opponent The Sailor Senshi Of Love and Light....Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus enters the Arena barefoot to a bunch of cheers. She is also wearing her super senshi fuku. Her toes are painted orange. Venus winks at and waves too the crowd. She takes a seat in the other recliner.
Announcer: Ready!

Sailor Venus: Best of luck,Rei. 

Sailor Mars: I don't need it,Minako.

The armrests of the chairs shackle the girls wrists,while the leg rests shackle their ankles. 2 small Tickle Robots come out and stand infront of the girl's feet.

Announcer: Begin!

The Ticklebots use their hands to tickle Venus' soles and Mars' heels,causing them to giggle wildly...especially since the soles and heels are the most ticklish spots of Venus and Mars respectively. Brief close-ups of the gjrls bare feet,as the tickle bots do their thing.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen,Who will Survive.

The 2 senshi continue to giggle rapidly. 

3 minutes later....

Announcer: Let's kick it up bots! Feather Mode!

The Tickle Bots morph their hands into feathers and continue tickling. The girls were now laughing wildly. They try not to give in. However after 4 minutes....

Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars: Ahahahahahaha! M-Mercy! Hahaha! P-Please!Ahahahahahahahahaha! 

The bell rings and the ticklebots stop. The girls catch their breath.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen,for the first time ever,we have a draw! Thankfully this is just the 1st round. Hopefully they'll toughen up next round.

Sailor Venus: Good Luck!

Sailor Mars: You Too! We"re Ready!

Announcer: Beeeeeegiiiinnnn!

The bell rings and the tickling the 2 senshi,this time attacking their toes and the area between them. Each girl busts out laughing,but refuse to give in.

2 minutes later....

Announcer: Let's up the ante shall we? Turbo Tickle Bots!

Both bots increase the speed of their tickling. The girls continue their hysterical laughter. They try not to give in,though it's tough since they're sooo ticklish.

After 8 minutes though....

Sailor Mars: Ahahahahahahaha! I GiveIGive! Ahahahahahaha! Stop Now! Ahahahahaha!

The bell rings and the ticklebots stop,allowing the Sailor Senshi to catch their breath.

Announcer: Here is the winner of Round 2,Sailor Venus! Now if She fails to win this final round,we will be going into overtime.

Sailor Mars: I can't believe this. 

Sailor Venus: Victory,here I come!

Announcer: Final Round Beeeeeeegiiiinnn!

The bell rings and the 2 ticklebots get back to work. The girls laugh hysterically as the bots tickle their toes,soles,arches,and heels. Both refuse to give in.

2 minutes later....

Announcer: These 2 are tough. Time to go the maximum! Tickle Bots,Feather Duster Mode!

The Ticklebots feathers morph into feather dusters and continue their speedy tickling. Both girls try not to give in as they laugh hysterically. Those dusters are really effective tickle tools.

After 5 minutes...

Sailor Mars: Ahahaha! I Surrender! Ahahahahaha! I Surrender! Ahahahaha!

The bell rings and the tickle bots stop. Both girls catch their breath.

Announcer: Here is Your Winner..Sailor Venus!

The crowd cheers the Tickle Bots move to the sides. The chair shackles open up. The 2 Senshi get out of the chairs.

Announcer: Sailor Mars any comment about your loss? Are you angry about it?

Sailor Mars: I'm not too mad about the loss. In fact,this was kinda fun.

Announcer: Alrighty then. Thank you,Sailor Mars. Sailor V? Any thoughts before we go off the air?

Sailor Venus: I really had fun. I can't wait to compete again *winks*

Announcer: Alrighty then. Many thanks ladies. And thank you all for joining us tonight. Goodnight,Everybody.

The broadcast fades out as "(c) 2016 Foot Tickling Federation" appears.

Should I post the rest here? Lemmie know.


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  2. I'm glad these foot tickle fights are back. I was wondering if I can create stories on different characters from anime and video games in this blog.

  3. Cmon sailor mercury curbstops all

  4. Nice. :-)

    Definitely love your writing Stefan. ^_^

  5. This isn't the place for written stories. It's tedious to scroll through to get to the actual posts with actual pics.

    1. Tough. Until I can use my laptop again, This is all I can do.