Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dishonored: Lizzy Stride Megapost (Part 1 of 3)

Ok... today's post is a tribute to the barefoot pirate Lizzy Stride from the Dishonored series. Match25 (our resident Master of Sole Shots) sent in a bunch of clips he collected for this character from her video game. By the time I divided them into individual frames we had close to 1000 pictures of Lizzy's feet to post. Needless to say  this is going to require multiple tributes to this character. Enjoy guys. ^_^
(One again a massive thank you to Match for this.)

Lizzy appears in the Dishonored expansion the Brigmore Witches. She is the leader of a group of River pirates and smugglers called the Dead Eels. In the game the player's character (Daud) encounters her in a rough situation. She's been betrayed by her second in command, beaten and is being held prisoner and awaiting execution by the city watch. Daud agrees to help her escape in exchange for her help getting past a river blockade.

Lizzy seems to be the type of woman that you wouldn't want to anger. She's said to have bitten the tongue out of a man's mouth just for calling her Elizabeth. The participants of the mutiny against her find this out painfully as well as their organizer is killed off. Several of the other conspirators also wind up having to donate their fingers as a means of an apology to her once she regains command of her ship.

Of course the great thing about Lizzy is that with the exception of  thin strap of leather around her arches that she uses to secure  her leg guards, her feet are pretty much bare. They have to be pretty tough to endure the hard surfaces that Lizzy steps on in her everyday work as a pirate. The wooden floors of her ship seem pretty sturdy and we're treating to seeing her walk along the stone pavement of a prison, sand, and steel steps as well. I guess tough pretty much sums up Lizzy in a nutshell though. I imagine that as an alternative to having to give up a finger, being forced to clean Lizzy's feet would be just as bad for some of those pirates. Of course it probably wouldn't be a punishment for everyone. ^_^;

Ok guys. That's all for today. More Lizzy still to come.

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    1. O.O I haven't played this game myself. How come? Is it frustrating?

    2. I enjoyed it, got platinum in 1, all the trophies in the Daud DLC, and about to get Platinum in 2. Likes 1 better than 2 because there is a clear "forced diversity" that ticks me off in the sequel. Got No Kill, Never seen, Hard, No powers all in one go, though it can be frustrating

    3. Wow...Congratulations!! That's awesome Match. ^_^