Thursday, April 12, 2018

Beatless: Lacia

The main heroine and an android called an hIE (humanoid Interface Element) created by Higgins, an ultra-advanced artificial intelligence. She is also equipped with a bullet-stopping device called Black Monolith. She became Arato Endo's (main protagonist) property after saving his life from hijacked electronics. Her chance of encounter had brought her face to face with Arato, and she then immediately formed a contract with him in order to make him her new owner. Shortly after, she is signed up to a modelling agency by Arato’s younger sister, Yuka and begins to work as a supermodel. She is one of the special hIEs who escaped from the Tokyo research facility of Memeframe, the world’s leading hIE behaviour management cloud platform company. In some ways, her appearance in the artwork reminds me of Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown.

This is one of the closest scenes where she is barefoot.
I really wish that there was an close-up on her feet like this.
I wanted to post this on last Saturday to start my requests but delayed it for personal reasons and I had to catch up on the rest of the current episodes of Beatless on Amazon Prime to see if any foot scenes are in them. I'm very sorry about this because I had never done an series of requests before. As for Lacia, she is pretty adorable for an hIE and I wanted to own her myself as my personal maid.


  1. Awesome. ^_^ She looks great...I'd definitely love to play with this android.:-)

    1. Thank you, KingsSideCastle, for commenting on Lacia. I mean, she's so beautiful.

    2. Have you seen or read Beatless?

    3. :-D New to me. It looks good though.

    4. I read one of the manga and still watching the anime. It's been a mixed bag for a lot of people.