Friday, April 6, 2018

Street Fighter: Juri Figures

This week's figure is the Spider of Sin... Juri Han. ^_^

(These are just various webfind of Figures involving Juri)

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I think since Juri's debut in Super Street Fighter  IV, a lot of us have fantasized about getting kicked around and dominated by Juri's powerful Taekwondo trained feet. Street Fighter women are always pretty attractive and we've even got a few that fight barefoot (Elena, Makoto, Ibuki, and now Laura and Menat) but Juri is a character that seems to delight in showing her feet off. Her Taekwondo style is extremely kick focused and she also is the first girl in the street fighter series to paint her toenails. :-D Hot!!!

One of the really nice things about looking for foot related figures of Juri is that it's not very hard to do. Since her default outfit displays her feet quite a bit, all you really need to do is google the word figure next to her name. ^_^ This tribute features 4 different models of Juri along with some variations.

The First model used in this tribute is a Kotobukiya Bishoujo Juri figure. The Bishoujo series is a great set of figurines. Bishoujo means "pretty girl" in Japanese. The models from this line tend to be developed to look as sexy as possible. Figures from this series tend to be aesthetically pleasing as possible. The girls in the series have their curves accentuated and a good amount of attention seems to go into designing their chests to look as tantalizingly bouncy as possible. They're basically the figurine versions of Dead or Alive women. The Bishoujo figurines are often depicted wearing their normal attire which limits the amount of characters from that figure series that I could display here. (A lot of them are wearing shoes or boots. ^_^;) However the few barefoot figures in the line look incredibly beautiful. Juri for example is gorgeous. She's given an hourglass figure with her clothing accentuating her body particularly with her top. Her stomach shows her to be in very good shape. Like with the rest of her body, Juri's feet are given an impressive amount of detail. She has long toes complete with her signature purple polish and her soles have a nice shape to them with some well defined arches. ^_^ The model is 1/7 scale sized and sculpted using PVC (A plastic type of Resin).

The next figure displayed captures Juri in the middle of a side kick released by the company SOTA. It's actually a pretty large figurine measuring at about 11 inches. It's made from Polyresin. The nice thing about this model is that the designers took the time to depict the wrinkles of Juri's soles with this model... something that you'd probably get a glimpse of right before her foot smacks against your face.

Following the side kick model is another version of Juri at the peak of her kicking prowess. This one is a diorama model of Juri appropriately titled Femme Fatale Juri Han. It is made from Polyurethane resin and sculpted by Wandah Kurniawan. It's 1/6th scale sized and released by Capcom in limited edition. Judging from the motion of the purple energy formed around Juri's soles. It looks like this model depicts Juri in the middle of  flying roundhouse kick. When you can the energy actually manifest... you know that a move like that is going to pack a whallop. :-)

Ok... last up is a really impressive Pop Culture Shock model of Juri. This model is huge approximately 1/4 scale sized. Juri is 5'5" so the model is close to 2' tall (23" or 58.5cm to be precise). The second video gives you a basic idea of the model's size. It comes at an expensive price range however between $450 and $650 online without even including her Senpusha energy waves (available for another $50 ^_^;). That said it does look like amazingly cool. A nice feature of this model is that the Juri eye lights up. The soles of this model look particular realistic. The model comes in several variations with the Black version of Juri being a limited edition figure.. ^_^

I have to give these designers a lot of credit. These models get more and more impressive as time progresses. Maybe someday someone will release a life size Juri model that we could spar with. :-D

All right everyone let's end this entry here. I spent a lot of time looking at Juri's feet during this post and imagine that I'll probably have some sweet dreams tonight. Hope that you guys will as well. :-D

Of course as always...more to come soon!


  1. Juri is one of my faves. These statues are gorgeous. :)

  2. I didn't like her in the Street Fighter games.

    1. She's one of my top 3 Street Fighter Women. The other 2 are Cammy and Chun Li. I like Rainbow Mika too but it's hard to find her without her boots on.

  3. I use to hate her but now i really like her even if she is evil.

    1. :-D Yeah I like this character a lot. I also really like that she has a kick based move set. :-D

  4. That FIGURES! lol get my joke there?

  5. She looks really good in the solid black outfit

  6. Damn, need get one of those if they aren't too pricey. Great post

    1. :-D Thanks Destiny Dueler. Yeah would love to have one of those too. Hopefully figures will continue to get better and better and their price will decrease as technology improves. My dream is to have a life size model of Juri that I could spare with. :-D