Monday, April 2, 2018

April Fools Day Poll 2018

Just a little bit of a residual from yesterday. Here is the results of the Anthro poll...
It looks like Amy Rose hammered her competition. She proved to be the character whose feet are most people's favorite. In second place was Lola Bunny (who always seems to take second place in these Easter polls) and Gadget from Rescue Rangers took 3rd. I put a few options in there to let you guys know this was a prank. It seemed like the most popular choice among those was "Only Furries are you serious?!!!".  Twilight feet seems to have been the most popular of my previous pranks.

As always. I just want to give a big thank you to everyone for voting and I'll definitely keep your opinions in mind in future tributes even if sometimes it takes me awhile to get them ready. (The reason why Lola had so much material posted yesterday is that I remembered her second place finish from last Easter. ^_^) A tribute to Amy Rose has already been posted. ^_^  

I try to do an actual new poll of this month later tonight if I can think of a creative idea for one.

Ok guys that all for now. It seems like the month is off to a great start with 31 tributes already and still more yet to come. ^_^


  1. In terms of my own personal preference... this one was a tough one because I'm not really a huge furry fan myself. I think I would have to pick Minerva though just because she had great foot tempting scene. :-)

    In terms of my favorite April Fools day pranks on the site though. I think it would have to be Star Trek feet just because it was my first one.

    Thanks again for voting guys. ^_^

  2. hard to resist a girl with huge feet