Sunday, April 1, 2018

Star Fox: Krystal

Continuing with our refreshing new direction for the site, here is a tribute to the sexy vixen (and I mean that literally) Krystal from Star Fox. :-)

(Various Webfinds of this character)

Krystal is the love interest for the main character in the series Fox McCloud. She is the newest pilot recruited in the game but an extremely useful person to have on your team. She has Telepathy allowing her to read maneuvers of enemy fleets and she's a proficient fighter with a staff

Interestingly enough Krystal's first appearance in the game is the most revealing. She's from a Dinosaur like planet called Sauria and tended to dress in a tribal costume that showed off her cute paws. ^_^

Well that is probably the Foxiest Woman I'm ever going to post on the site. :-D That said some spectacular Animal Feet posts still to come . :-)


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