Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Zettai Karen Children: Aoi Nogami

Ok continuing off of yesterday's tribute, we get to see some of Mio's powers teleportation in action. Going up against the Psychic squad heroines. She uses her powers to get ahold of the heroines Aoi's leg tripping her. Mio then proceeds to have a little bit of fun stripping off Aoi's footwear and tickling the hepless Esper's feet.
A Bonus Animation of the Tickle Scene
(The bulk of these were from Zettai Karen Children Episode 24. Once again a huge thank you to Noah for this scene)

Foot tickling is a rare treat that happen too often in an anime. The scenes involving tickling so far can found using the tickle tag here:

One of the protagonists in Zettai Karen Children, Aoi is a level 7 Esper with very strong psychic. Like Mio her skill set involves teleportation. She has amazing spacial awarenesss and can use her teleportation powers to "jump" to different locations and bring objects to where she desires. She can also use her powers to interfere with other teleporters preventing them from using them as well. Aoi's personality is a little bit more mature than her teammates. She tends to the most rational of the three girls. At the same she is the most innocent of the three.  Her nickname based on her abilities is the "Lightspeed Goddess".

Of the 3 heroines in this anime. I think Aoi is probably the cutest. I like the glasses and she seems sweet. I was happy that of the 3 girl, Mio chose to tickle her. ^_^



  1. Oh, man. Now that is the scene I remembered by heart! I want to tickle her feet so much.

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite tickling scenes in anime! Especially when it comes to foot tickling! And feet in general!

  3. This scene doesn't look that good to me but still great post KSC

  4. I like glasses girl too, especially if their blonde. The foot tickle scene is probably the best in there.

    1. :-D Oh yes a blonde glasses combination is awesome. Quistis Trepe is one of my favorite characters. ^_^ Yeah... The tickling scene was my favorite scene in the series to cap too.