Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kampfer: Extra Characters

Ok...these are some extra characters from Kampfer who aren't leads in the series. Basically These are divided up into two sets...The White Kampfer aka Kaede's harem and the Class Representatives.
White Kampfer
Above  is Rika Ueda. The first white Kampfer introduced in the series. She wields a Sickle with a chain attached to it as her weapon.
These are all the white Kampfer. From Left to right we have...Sayaka Nakao, Rika, Hitomi Minagawa and Ryoka Yamakawa.
You can see that the White Kampfer are totally devoted to Kaede and would happily do anything to please her.  I can't say that I blame them.
Hitomi is the de facto leader of the white Kampfer when Kaede is not around. She's a magic type firing lightning out of her hands.
Class Representatives
The Class representatives are a trio of girls who are the heads of Senou's class. They love making money and usually exploit the female Senou in order to do it. They do things like make him participate in photo shoots or blackmail him into becoming a waitress at their restaurant.
Basically the trio consists of class president (glasses), vice president (blonde) and the Treasurer (bangs).
The vice rep sort of look likes Ino so naturally I was really happy to catch the glimpse of her feet above.
(These are also from various episodes of Kampfer. Once again a big thank you to His Divine Shadow for introducing me to this series.)

Alright everyone, I'm going to be doing a little bit of a side post tomorrow (not sure who yet ^_^) but I'll finish the Kampfer set as well as this posting marathon on Friday.

As always...more to come soon. :-)

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