Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Wolf Among Us: Faith

Last weekend I played mystery/adventure game called The Wolf Among Us and came across an unexpected trampling scene involving one of its female characters. The women involved in it's name is Faith. She's a "working girl" the player's character comes across getting beaten by a thug she got into a dispute with. Despite taking a few hits during the fight, she can obviously give as good as she gets as shown below.
For the record during my playthough I did try to stop her from brutalizing him...the people who did the online playthrough I capped these from were obviously more sadistic than me. ^_^;
You shouldn't feel too bad for the guy on the receiving end though. He's durable enough to not only take a beating like this but get up and have a drink afterward. ^_^;
(These were capped from The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1)

Faith's appearance sort of reminds me of Jill Valentine. I think that with the exception of a lack of Thigh high leather boots, Faith's outfit is identical to the one Jill was wearing Resident Evil Nemesis. I liked Faith a lot. She has a rough time in the game and displays an attitude of toughness because of it but you can tell that she has a sweet and even kind side to her too. She also has a really mysterious background. I don't want to give too much of the game away but she plays a really important role in the game's storyline. She basically stole every scene she was in and I wish there was more of her in the game

I really enjoyed the Wolf Among Us very much. It's based on the Fable comic book series and released by Telltale (the same development company who created the really successful Walking Dead videogame). Like the Walking Dead, the Wolf Among Us is a story based action game where the player makes choice decisions that ultimately affect the future events. You take on the role of a detective character attempting to keep the peace within his community but who winds up getting dragged into a murder investigation. The game is divided into 5 episodes with the first available for free on X-box live (at least it was free as of last week) while the rest are still in development. The first episode was really intense and exciting and I definitely recommend trying it out.

Ok everyone...that's all for now. As always more to come soon!!

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