Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stargirl (Bonus)

Ok...tonight's tribute is to Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl. I've been wanting to do a post for Stargirl for a long time but barefoot material of her was really rare (you can't even find pictures of her Smallville actress all that easily). Luckily a recent appearance of her in Justice League of America gave me just the scene I was hoping for and the excuse I needed to post her. Let's take a look at her various incarnations. :-)
Comic Book Stargirl
I came across this picture while I was reading Justice League of America Issue 9. I was so happy to see Stargirl barefoot that I actually screamed "Oh Hell Yeah!!" when I saw it drawing the attention of everyone in the room. ^_^; 
The above scenes were first introduced from a comic book post made at The Footsie Blog. A massive thanks to that blog's owner Lionel for finding this extremely rare barefoot superheroine moment. ^_^
I have somewhat of a limited knowledge of Stargirl's comic book incarnation though I've been recently following her in a storyline called Forever Evil where she plays a major role. Courtney is the successor of one of the heroes of the Justice Society of America.

Justice League Unlimited Stargirl
I was first exposed to this character in Justice League Unlimited. Of course with her being a cute blonde superheroine, I instantly became attracted to her and wanted to find out more about her. Her episode was one of the first Justice League unlimited episodes I came across and I had to go back and marathon watch the series after that. Stargirl's appearances in Justice League Unlimited are mostly cameos but she has two episodes where she plays somewhat of a lead role. In one episode she and a group of other heroes fill in the main team at an publicity event that goes wrong and in another episode Stargirl winds up teaming up with Supergirl who she has a rivalry with. Both episodes were really fun

Smallville Stargirl
Stargirl also appears in a couple episode of the Live Action Superman series Smallville alongside fellow Justice Society members Hawkman and Dr. Fate. She is portrayed by Britt Irvin (a pretty good casting choice).

As with most Superheroines Stargirl's footwear really plays into a fetishist's fantasies. I have to admit that I spent a lot of time imagining getting the opportunity to take off her red boots and worshiping her feet. ^_^

Ok guys...that's all for tonight. As always...more to come soon. :-)


  1. Good tio see that you've acknowledged and used my stuff, and great work once again.

    1. Thanks Lionel. ^_^ That really was an awesome find. It was so great to see Stargirl barefoot. :-)

  2. The second picture, the one with Courtney saying "Didn't bring my staff thought we were having a quiet lunch shoulda known how many of those do we get a year". Which comic is that from?