Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tokyo Mew Mew Mint/Corina

Entering the final stretch of the January marathon. ^_^ Tonight's tribute is to the Tokyo Mew Mew Mint Aizawa. ^_^
(Various webfinds  and caps from Tokyo Mew Mew episode 19. Massive Thank you to the great Destiny Dueler for sending in the pictures that inspired this tribute.)

Mint (Corina Buckworth in the English Dub) is the second Mew Mew introduced in the Tokyo Mew Mew series. Her DNA is merged with the blue Lorikeet. Mint comes from a wealthy family. Originally she seems snobbish, spoiled and self centered but as the series progresses she is shown to have a really good heart caring a lot about her friends. Despite her small size she can be very opinionated and doesn't shy away from voicing her idea. Mint loves dancing and is quite at ballet. She has a big crush on the pop idol Fujiwara Zakuro who turns out to be another Mew Mew herself. (More on her in a future tribute.)

As a Mew Mew, Mint has the the ability to transform herself. Her transformation is less radical than Ichigo's and you can more or less tell that it's her in the costume. Her transformation references her ballet ability. She uses a bow and arrow as a weapon which fires a feather shockwave attack called the Ribbon Mint Echo. As you guys can probably guess from these pictures, Mint's signature color is blue. ^_^ She a very a very cool character and a cute girl. :-)

Ok guys that's all for now. As always more to come soon. :-)


  1. =D another great post =) Minst is a cutie =D and I missed that beach episode or maybe they never showed it here haha

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. The images that you sent in were great. :-) Yeah I only watched a couple of episodes of Mew Mew Power so I don't know if that episode aired in English either. Beach episodes are really a great episode to see female characters barefoot. ^_^