Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nagasarete Airantou: Rin

Ok the next Nagasarete Airantou girl up is a cute tomboy named Rin. :-) 
(A couple of webfinds in the mix but the rest of them were capped from episodes 6 and 9. Once Again a Really Huge Thank You to Why_Zee_Ex for sending in the material for these tributes)

Why_Zee_Ex Commentary:
Rin has the most adult figure of the girls and is arguably the most girlish of them too. She is a carpenter, the subject of Mikoto's affections. She's ridiculously strong and turns red when someone mentions lewd or suggestive things. Another entertaining and hot girl.

I read a wiki summary about Rin as well. She seems like an interesting one. A lot of tomboy traits to her but at the same time there are a lot of feminine qualities to her too. She likes dresses but she doesn't believe she looks good wearing them. While she is an apprentice Carpenter, she's better at sewing and cooking than she is at carpentry. Like Pokemon's misty, she hates insects. In addition to being very strong, she's clever and smart as well. Appearance wise she reminds me  a little of Kagura from Azumanga Daioh.  Definitely an attractive woman. :-)


  1. =D I really like that brown haired one a lot =D I know you posted her already, what was her name again haha
    Anyway great post =D

    1. The first girl dressed in blue? That's Suzu. :-D Thanks...This was a fun tribute to work on. ^_^

  2. =D haha yeah I realized I could've looked back haha had a slip there =P. =D I bet they all are super cute

    1. Yeah really a great cast of cute characters in this series. :-D

  3. Since she's the most mature looking, she's easily the hottest one lol. Nice work