Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ask Zelda

   A friend of mine sent me a blank meme and I decided to put it in a format suiting for us. This is the Zelda Response meme which you may have seen on pixiv and Bascially its the different incarnations of Zelda and her different personalities with each. I thought they would be funny to share here while I try to get an actual foot pic of Zelda. Enjoy guys.

Hopefully you guys got a kick out of these. I swear I'll make a real post soon.


  1. :-D Great set of Zelda responses Heretichero. They really fit each version of her's facial expressions perfectly. :-D Wind Waker Zelda has a great Tsundere thing going. Heh heh...based on their responses...I'm drawn to Twilight Zelda. I've always had a soft spot for dominitrixes. ^_^; I like like Skyward Zelda too she seems sweet and looks like she's more than happy to experiment with a foot fetish. :-) Nice post!!

    1. Lol thanks dude. I'm glad you like these. I thought they were funny in English and when I heard my friend got his hands on them I immediately asked so I could do my own editions.
      Lol yeah, Wind Waker is very tsundere and I loved making her responses. Twilight Princess I was going for a dominitrix but also a sort of warning too. She's sort of manipulative too and there is always that type of woman out there.
      Skyward Sword is the sweetheart of the group and when I saw that face I knew I could mke the responses I did. She's the girl any guy would love to meet. Someone who doesn't judge you on your fetish and willing to experiment with it to see what its like and also see the love expression in it.
      Thanks man. When I do find some decent Zelda feet pics, I'll post them alongside a few more of these.

  2. A funny little idea here. Skyward Sword and Ocarina Zeldas will always be my favorites. I've seen this meme in Japanese before, and also a more...perverted one. XD

    1. Lol glad you think so. Yeah, those two were my favorites alongside Majora's Mask and Wind Waker.
      Lolz I got a bunch of dirty ones saved to my laptop they're so funny! I love this meme so much!