Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lois Lane Foot Massage

One of the things I really love about working on this blog is that the readers really help this site grow and develop. One of my friends remembered a moment where Lois was barefoot at a spa but I couldn't determine which episode that happened in. When I megaposted Lois here last June I asked about it and to a great deal of joy, one of the blog readers helped to find the missing scene. 
(The scene in question was from the Superman: The Animated Series episode Monkey Fun. :-) Massive Thank Yous to Justin Jacques for solving the mystery and tipping me off to which episode this happened in and Juancho for providing the original tip)

:-) I really envy that masseuse quite a bit getting to rub Lois' feet like that. ^_^ 

More of Ms Lane's feet can be found in these earlier tributes to the character:

 ^_^; Heh heh...I wound up tributing her feet a lot. 

Anyway, with this scene all of Lois' animated foot scenes should now be posted. However, if you guys know any scenes that I missed just let me know and I'll try to upload them to complete the collection.

Thanks for watching everyone!!

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  1. Oh, great scene! :D I had completely forgotten about this episode.

    1. :-) Thanks. ^_^ Yeah...this one slipped my memory too.

      Between Lois, Volcana, Supergirl and Maxima. Superman the animated series has a pretty good set of foot scenes under its belt. ^_^

  2. Great find!
    Check my page, you are welcome to post any of my caps.

    1. Thanks Kissing the Pink. ^_^

      Sure will follow your page regularly. :-) Thank you for allowing us to use your material also. :-)

  3. Ah my favorite version of Lois, I had no clue this scene existed great find and post =D

    1. :-) Thanks. Always a pleasure to post this character. ^_^