Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teen Titans Go! - Raven

The new cartoon series Teen Titans Go! is a more comedy-oriented show featuring the characters from the beloved Teen Titans cartoon in a chibi style. The episode "Legs" features Raven losing her cloak, revealing to her teammates that she has shapely legs underneath. Beast Boy really has it bad for them legs. Since her cloak no longer makes her gloomy and depressed, she adopts a new crime-fighting persona: Lady Legasus! She literally kicks all kinds of butt and becomes a popular superhero on her own. At one point she even signs an autograph using her feet.

Sadly, Raven must take her cloak back to protect others from its dark influence, but not before giving Beast Boy a final glimpse at her legs.

That's all for now! Hope ya like!


  1. Wow! Must look this episode up! Awesome find!

  2. O_O Awesome. Great find Atomic Chinchilla. Always awesome to see a superheroine barefoot. :-)

  3. In the original "Teen Titans", Raven only went barefoot once, briefly, and from a distance. The episode where they first meet Aqua-Lad, their submarine breaks apart, and Beast Boy turns into a whale to save the rest of the team. When he spits them out in Aqua-Lad's lair, he spits out Raven's boot.
    This episode was BLISS for me! Raven does have some fantastic legs, and it was glorious to see her signing her autograph with her bare foot! I hope this is not the last of Lady Legasus!

  4. =D haha I hate to admit it but I loved that episode =D, and wondered if it would show up here, love the design on the boots =D

  5. There was a new episode, some time ago, when Raven transformed into Lady Legasus once again. "Leg Day" was the new episode.