Friday, January 24, 2014

Tokyo Mew Mew Zakuro/Renee

Posting a little early today because I'm not gonna be here later tonight.  Following up with yesterday's post, here is a tribute to the Pomegranate Mew Zakuro Fujiwara. :-)
Mint and Zakuro are together so often I almost went with a double feature for them but eventually decided to opt for consecutive sets instead.
(More from the swimsuit episode 19 as well as some webfinds and another image set in by the Great Destiny Dueler. Thanks again man. ^_^)

Zakuro (Renee Roberts in the English dub) is the fifth Mew in the series. She's a bit of a loner avoiding joining the team of heroines when she initially encounter them but eventually she comes around. As the oldest (a relative loose term since she's only 15)  member of the team. The other Mew's look up to her for advice. Zakuro is very well educated speaking English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. In her everyday life she works as a model and actress. She does look very hot.

As a Mew Mew member Zakuro's DNA is merged with the Grey Wolf. She uses a whip as her weapon which lashes out with pure energy. She's proven to be very strong taking out monsters on her own. (A lot of the other Mew Mews rely on the groups leader Ichigo to finish off the enemies). An interesting ability that Zakuro has is that she seems to be able to communicate with canines which she displays in one of the episodes.

Ok guys...that's all for now. ^_^As always...more to come soon!!


  1. I have to say Renee looks very sexy in that black bikini. She's got nice cleveage in that top and a cute rear in those bikini panties. Also, I'd love to tickle her feet & that beautiful belly button drawn on her so I can hear her giggle and squeal.

    1. :-) Yeah the black bikini is hot. :-D It does sound fun to tickle her like that. ^_^

  2. =D another good one =D she's my second fave Mew =D

    1. Thanks. ^_^ I think she's my second favorite too. My first favorite is Lettuce. :-)

    2. I guess you probably know Mint is my first =D
      Really =D that was my friends from high schools fave =D

    3. I figured she would be your favorite. ^_^ She's very hot. I think the glasses help my crush as well. ^_^