Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nagasarete Airantou: Machi and Ayane

Ok continuing with the Nagasarete Airantou tributes. Here are two girls for the price of one...two attractive sisters Machi and Ayane. :-)
(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from episodes 11, 12, 19 and 20. Once again to a massive Thank You to Why_Zee_Ex for providing the material for these tributes)

Why_Zee_Ex Commentary:
Machi (my favorite girl) is a sadistic priestess who posesses working vodoo dolls. That's awesome. Her sister is almost exclusively the one they're used on. Ayane is her sister. She's very loud and annoying. But she is constantly being destroyed by something or other, and thus her existence is forgiven. She's basically a comic foil for Suzu.

Ok guys that's it for now. More Nagasarete Airantou women and tributes still to come.


  1. I dont' meant to knock your post, but I really don't care for the art style on this show. The girls look too young for my tastes. :\

    1. That's ok Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^ The Chibi-like style this anime is drawn in is not for everyone. Like the anime Lucky Stars the characters are older than they look. Machi is actually 18 years old and her sister (who has a running joke in the series of looking younger than she is) is 16.

    2. :-) In any case thanks for the feedback guys. ^_^

  2. =D All these girls are so cute =D, another great post

  3. Its kinda got a Lucky Star feel to it. I'll agree with Chinchilla in saying these girls seem dangerously young to be posted here but I still say good work to you on this. I'll be sure to see the others too.

    1. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^ Yeah both series have that sort of cutesy style. :-) Heh heh...Ironically these women are oldest girls in the set. ^_^ Anyway I appreciate the feedback. :-)