Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tanga (Bonus)

Struggling a little but I'm still keeping the new post everday in January New Year's resolution alive. :-D Following yesterday's Space Ranger post, here is a tribute to a sexy purple female alien named Tanga. Tanga appears in two DC mini-series Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventures. ^_^ One of the great things about this character is that her costume leaves very little to the imagination. She wears a tight fitting mesh dress which allows for some great views of her feet in that skimpy alien material. Depending on the artist who draws her we even get to see her barefoot a couple of times. ^_^ 
Best character introduction I've ever seen. ^_^
(These were capped from various issues of the two series Weird World and My Greatest Adventures. A Galaxy-Sized Thank you to Shadowmandude for introducing and recommending me to this character)

Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventures are a combination of short stories involving Tanga and two other characters none of whom interact with each others during the issues. Tanga adventures involve her traveling the galaxy and interacting with different species. She often winds up getting lost and into trouble but she's more than capable of looking after herself. Anyone in the galaxy looking to take advantage of her quickly regrets it.

It's impossible to spend this much time capping this character and not finding yourself impressed by this girl. Tanga is awesome. She's intelligent, powerful, adventurous, kindhearted, enjoys having a good time and has a great sense of humor. Tanga is well aware of how badass she is but rather than flaunt her abilities, she is modest and kind and does her best to help others. She always tries and reasons with her antagonists but if she gets pushed into a fight, she always comes out on top. She has a pretty awesome set of powers including flight, invulnerability, superstrength and the ability to fire energy beams from her eyes to back up her calm demeanor. 

Tanga's series sort or reminded me of the Powergirl comic series which also gives a humorous take on a powerful and sexy female character. Like Powergirl in her series, Tanga is able lighten even the most tense situation with a humorous observation or sarcastic quip. All in all she's a great character and I really enjoyed reading both her series a lot. ^_^ Kudos to DC for creating her.

Ok guys, that's basically it for now. ^_^ As always more to come soon. :-D


  1. Great post, KSC. :D Tanga sounds really cool. I might want to track her comics down and read 'em sometime.

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^ Yeah she's a fun character. Definitely a really spunky female alien. :-)