Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nagasarete Airantou: Mei Mei

Ok...The next Nagasarete Airantou girl up is Mei Mei. A cute Chinese performer. ^_^
(A couple of webfinds but the caps are from episodes 14 and 20. Once again a Massive Thank you to Why_Zee_Ex for sending in the material for this tribute.)

Why_Zee_Ex Commentary:
Mei Mei is a cute character who is introduced at the beginning of the second half. She is an outsider like Ikuto and was pulled to the island like him during a storm. She is incredibly shy and has very little experience dealing with people. She wears odd costumes to disguise and hide herself. She is funny to watch and will quickly become your favorite character if you're not careful.

An interesting bit of added trivia about Mei Mei is that she has the most siblings out of anyone in the series. She has 17 older brothers and 5 older sisters. As a performer Mei Mei is really flexible and good at designing costumes. She loves reading romance novels. :-)

Ok guys that's it for now. As always...more to come soon. :-)


  1. =D I love that shy attitude I think she just became my second fave from this series =) great post

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Yeah Shy girls are really great. :-D

  2. I'd hate to sound like I'm knocking this but this set especially had really hard to see feet and she really seemed to be too young for on here. Sorry man, this one kinda creeped me out. I'm all for new content, but I don't support posting underage girls.

    1. I think that her shyness combined with the cuter style of animation contributes to giving her a younger feel. She has that sort of innocent quality to her. I'm not really a fan of posting overly young characters either but I didn't want to ban it entirely because there are many close judgment calls where it would be a shame to miss out on tributing (Toph and Evangeline from Negima for example). Even the Naruto girls, Pokemon female leads and Sailor Moon character are technically under 18. The compromise was that while I allowed younger characters to be posted, I asked the bloggers here to go easy on the descriptions for them. You can see that Mei Mei's description is very very tame compared with an older looking character like Azula for example. I also asked the bloggers posting here to use a little bit of discretion in choosing characters that are really young. I'm pretty happy with this policy because it allows a wide range of material to be posted while still addressing concerns involving younger characters. It's always a tricky balance to maintain though especially with a tribute series like this that has one cute character posted after another in rapid succession. It's really cuteness overload by the end. ^_^;