Friday, January 3, 2014

Basilisk: Okoi's a tribute to an attractive female Ninja from the series Basilisk. ^_^  Okoi is a member of the Kouga Ninja clan  a clan that specializes in stealth and assassination techniques. She's tomboyish and energetic and knows how to use her beauty to her advantage.

(These are from the Basilisk Anime episodes 7 and 8. A Tremendous Thank you to Starky for finding and capping these scenes. ^_^)

Like with a lot other Kunoichis, (specifically women from Ninja Scroll and the movie Shinobi), Okoi is best admired from a distance. She has the ability to drain the blood from her opponents through physical contact leaving her enemies bodies a shriveled husk. To help make it easier she tends to wear a minimal amount of clothing which serves the double purpose of tempting an unknowing opponent into touching her and making it easier for her to achieve the skin to skin contact she needs to use her deadly technique.

Rogue factor aside, this kunoichi is really pretty and I think that a lot of us would be tempted to give her dangerous feet a massage if she asked us too.

Ok guys that's all for now. 2 posts down and 28 left to go to complete my January goal.

Stay warm and try to avoid getting stepped on by deadly female ninja feet this winter. ;-)


  1. Holy cow, this looks like a very bizarre anime. But I do like all the attention given to Okoi's feet. :)

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^ Yeah I haven't watched this anime but it looks like there are some pretty twisted techniques in this one. :-D's always awesome to see an attractive female ninja's feet get some attention. ^_^

    2. I saw if for the opening...and this.

    3. O_O I have to watch the opening. ^_^ It looks like a very fun series. :-)

  2. =D Interesting she's a looker and great foot scens it seems too =D, very interesting
    Great post