Monday, January 6, 2014

Silent Hill 2: Mary Sunderland

I'm currently working on some big posts so in the meantime here's a little something. It's from one of my favorite video games and nearly everything about her is spoiler-heavy, so I'll have to skimp on the details. :b

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland is the wife of James, protagonist of Silent Hill 2. She was a kind, beautiful woman who was tragically struck with a crippling, terminal illness that left her scarred and bitter towards herself and her husband. She died not long after. Three years later, a deeply depressed James receives a letter from Mary, saying that she's waiting for him in Silent Hill. Is it really her?

Screencaps were taken from the various possible endings of Silent Hill 2, as well as bonus material.


  1. Awesome Atomic Chinchilla. Silent Hill 2 is my Favorite Silent Hills and one of my favorite games in general. :-) It's nice to see one of the characters from it get a tribute. :-)