Monday, January 20, 2014

Monster Rancher: Triple Pixie (Mega-post)

One of the monster types in the the Monster Rancher videogame series is a hot demoness called a Pixie. A really nice thing about this sexy female monster is that she's barefoot. Even better, the anime based on this game has three characters based on this monster type. :-)
Pixie is the version of the monster that has the biggest role in the series. In the anime she starts off as a villainess working for the lead villain Moo as one of his top four generals. She later reforms helping the heroes rebel against him. 

Pixie is really cool. As a villainess, she's a femdom fan's dream. She soundly beats the entire team heroes in their first encounter and takes them prisoner in her debut episode. You go on to find out that she makes the monsters and human she captures her slaves. I think she even cracks a whip in the series too. She's really powerful in the series as well being able to hold her own against Moo in a fight.

Spoiler Alert: Granity is the combined form of Pixie with her companion Big Blue (a Ice Golem type of monster). Her partner wound up sacrificing himself to save Pixie's life. Like Pixie Granity has 3 powerful attacks. Like Pixie she's able to attack with lightning bolts and she can create a giant ball of energy which she attacks her enemies with. (Big Bang Attack)
(These are from several different episodes of the Monster Rancher series.  I just want to give a Tremendous Thank You to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping all three seasons of this series. ^_^)

In the game a Lilim was created when breeding a Pixie with a Jester. The anime has the heroes of the series encounter and fight this monster. The group notices that she resembles Pixie however this character is more evil and manipulative.

Match actually just finished capping this series recently but I couldn't resist doing an immediate post to them. I used to watch the Monster Rancher series as a kid. It was a great series but sadly Fox stopped airing it midway through and I never got to watch the rest of it. I remember thinking that Pixie was really hot. Like a lot of villainesses at the time period (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Carmen Sandiego and Fox from Gargoyles), I always fantasized about being dominated by her and forced to worship her feet while I was watching. It's nice to be able to relieve some of my childhood memories.

Ok guys another daily January blog made by the skin of my teeth. As alway...more to come soon. :-)


  1. I must say =D, those long toenails are interesting =D I kinda like them =D great post

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Hee hee yeah I imagine those toenails can lend themselves to some interesting rough girl scenarios.

  2. Oh wow, this one takes me back. I remember Pixie, and her freaky claw feet. XD Not really my thing, but she's still pretty hot!

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla :-) This post brought a lot of memories back for me too. :-D Yeah.