Saturday, January 18, 2014

Desert Punk: Junko Asagiri's post is a cute purple haired Vixen from the series Desert Punk. ^_^
(These are from Desert Punk episode 11. A Massive thank you to Match25 (yup the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for sending in this excellent gem. ^_^)

Junko is a rival to the title character of the Desert Punk series. She has a bad girl type of personality always looking out for her own interest. Like a lot of seasoned femme fatales this girl is well aware that she is sexy and uses it to her advantage. This is particularly effective because the main character in the series is attracted  to her. Junko for her part will use whoever she could and side with whichever side that she believes will come out on top. She does fall for the Desert Punk later in the series though. :-)

Despite her tricky and manipulative personality, there's no denying that Junko is really hot. I think a lot would have trouble resisting her charms. ^_^

*Phew* Made this daily January post attempt tonight by the skin of my teeth. ^_^ Will I be able to reach the 31st without missing a daily post or will I burn out before the next two weeks are up? Keep watching this January marathon to find out. :-D


  1. Wow she's hot and great feet to boot =D no pun intended and love that gif =D great post

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ This was a fun tribute to work on. It's fun getting to watch a girl wiggle her toes. :-)