Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kampfer: Kaede Sakura

Ok continuing with the Kampfer tributes. Here is a post dedicated to the hottie Kaede Sakura. :-)
We'll see more of the women above tomorrow. ^_^
(These are also from a variety of episodes of the Kampfer anime. Once again a big thank you to His Divine Shadow for introducing me to these girls)

Kaede is an interesting character.She along with Shizuku and the female version of Senou are considered to be the 3 beauties of Seitetsu high school and she is the crush of the main character in the series. While Senou adores her and tries to hook up with her. She only has feeling for the female version of him. To complicate the matter further...Major Spoiler alert: She is the main antagonist of the Kampfer anime. In the second half of the series she organizes a group of white Kampfers to attack the red and blue Kampfers and attempts to recruit Senou to join her team under the condition he continuously remains in his female form while with her.

As the main villainess, Kaede proves to be incredible adept. She able to wield both a sword and a gun and can hold her own against all the main characters at once. She also seems to have a hypnotic power to her being able to manipulate Kampfers into attacking their allies. The white Kampfer she recruited seem to adore and obey her unquestioningly basically giving her her own harem. We'll take more about them in the next post.

The anime seems to hint that Kaede herself is possessed because there are moments even after she is revealed to be the main villainess where she behaves like a normal schoolgirl. She even tells the protagonists after a fight that she may not remember that encounter in school the next day. This doesn't get resolved in the anime because the manga was still ongoing when the anime aired. In her everyday persona Kaede is a sweet and kind girl. In her villainess persona, Kaede is manipulative and cunning knowing how exploit a character's weakness or use their attraction against them. She seems to have a dominating and teasing personality too playfully saying she would punish her subordinates if they displease her. For foot fans like us though that's a huge positive. :-D

On that note...let's end the entry here. As always...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. All pictures on April 12th 2013 are all gone, heretichero666.

    1. I don't know what happened. It seemed like there was a problem with the album the pictures were in. That was a good set too. Hopefully Heretichero will repair it in the future. :-)

  2. Sounds like an interesting character! Can't complain about having a harem of her own. XD

    1. :-D Yeah. She lucky to have a Harem like that. ^_^ Hee hee...I guess any character with their own harem is pretty lucky. ^_^

  3. Great work as usual, KSC. I need to make my blog more like yours (as well as do more posts.)

  4. Thanks Lionel. ^_^ Would love to see you do more posts. :-) I enjoy your blog a lot as well. ^_^